Executive Team

Bernard Chiu, Founder and Chairman

Bernard ChiuBernard is the founder and Chairman of Upland Capital Corporation. Prior to founding Upland Capital, Bernard founded Duracraft Corporation, a home comfort appliance manufacturing and marketing company. Under Bernard’s leadership as Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman, Duracraft became one of the fastest-growing and most successful brands and companies in America. The company was one of the most successful IPOs when it went public in 1993. As a result of Duracraft’s success, the company was approached by, and sold to, Honeywell in an unsolicited transaction of nearly $300,000,000. Following his accomplishment with Duracraft, Bernard became Chairman of the Board of First Act Inc., a pioneer, and leader in musical products. First Act offers an innovative line of musical instruments for all ages and was named “Company of the Year” by Music Trades Magazine. A Hong Kong native, Bernard has been a U.S. Citizen for more than 30 years and has become a successful business and real estate entrepreneur who supports various educational and local community groups.

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